National Inclusion Week | Ecommerce & Stripe Integration

The Brief

Inclusive Employers is a major force for fostering inclusive practices in the workplace, and they receive international exposure for their flagship annual event: National Inclusion Week. Since its inception in 2012, this event has significantly grown, engaging thousands of organisations and millions of participants worldwide

Inclusive Employers wanted to provide more comprehensive materials and events to make the most of the huge reach of the event, and as such, needed to introduce a tiered registration system that now included a paid level. To enable monetisation, enhance, user experience and streamline engagement, Inclusive Employers required a digital solution that would:

  1. Automatically register existing members seamlessly to the new paid tier as a membership perk.
  2. Prompt new users to register via a compelling landing page.
  3. Enable tiered registration functionality for upselling to paid supporter plans or full membership.
  4. Redirect registered users to relevant content based on their membership level.
  5. Create distinct homepages for different tiers, showcasing relevant events and resources to drive engagement.
  6. Gate resources and events based on registration tier to ensure the integrity of membership privileges and the security of premium content.
  7. Upsell free registrants to paid plans or full membership through organic design and CTAs that create a sense of urgency.

The Approach

To meet these requirements, our team implemented a series of strategic solutions. We began by developing a system to automatically register existing Inclusive Employers members, facilitating seamless user experiences and adding value to the existing member offering. For new users, we designed a highly optimised pre-registration landing page, delivering key information to users, and creating an organic flow into an intuitive registration process.

Recognising the need for tiered registration, we built upon the membership system, adding functionality to facilitate a robust system for upgrade paths, allowing users to move easily upward into paid levels of access. This included designing conditional redirects, ensuring users were directed to content pertinent to their membership tier.

We crafted unique homepages for each tier, utilising custom taxonomies and categories to dynamically display relevant events and resources. To protect these resources, we implemented a content gating mechanism, ensuring only authorised users could access certain materials.

Finally, we focused on upselling strategies, integrating compelling calls-to-action within the user interface to encourage free registrants to upgrade to paid plans or full membership. This approach not only enhanced the user experience but also supported ongoing engagement and membership growth for Inclusive Employers.

Increased engagement - enhanced the current offering - monetisation to convert on huge engagement.


Through these innovative design and coding solutions, we provided Inclusive Employers with a dynamic, user-friendly platform for National Inclusion Week. This streamlined and monetised the registration process, improved content accessibility, and fostered continuous engagement and growth in their membership base.

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