Our year with the Clock Tower Sanctuary

The Brief:

Before starting our work with the Clock Tower Sanctuary, they outlined to us some areas they were struggling with digitally and highlighted the outcomes they would like to gain from their time with us. One of the main things the CTS wanted help with was their website user experience and improvements that could be made on their website to improve website visitors’ experience. The other main area of interest for the CTS was help with their social media. They requested a full social media audit, specific social media reports based on link clicks and conversion and a social media strategy for the year.

The Approach:

Social media audit

Our first step in helping the CTS with their digital presence, started with a full audit of their social media platforms. We made a comprehensive list of quick wins that could be implemented by both the CTS team and us to optimise their profiles. These suggestions included things like recommended sizing for profile pictures, information to include in bio, Instagram story highlights to include, where to include links in posts, content ideas and opportunities on TikTok.

UX audit

The first step to making improvements on the website is a UX (user experience) audit. The purpose of the audit is to highlight key areas of improvement, opportunities and notify you of any concerns regarding accessibility. The issues raised within the document are a mix of ‘quick-wins’, ‘medium builds’ and ‘longer-term builds’. Some of our suggestions included improving some of the messages and images, updating the navigation points, improving the contrast on buttons and ways to improve the mobile experience.

Social media report

During our time working alongside Clock Tower Sanctuary they requested an analysis of their social media platforms specifically focussing on link clicks. They were keen to see how posts produce link clicks, especially creating traffic to the donate section of the website. Bearing this in mind, we then created for them a social media report focussing on link clicks and traffic to the website, specifically from social media from the previous 3 months. In a simple, easy to understand report we showed which posts and platforms the link clicks were coming from and our tips for increasing these links clicks, especially to the donate section.

Laptop showing a slide of the report created for The Clock Tower Sanctuary with insights on their marketing personas

Social media strategy

One of our last tasks to complete for the CTS was the creation of a social media strategy for 2023. This document is a real in-depth, step by step guide covering each platform and how best to perform on social media so this was one of the more lengthy tasks. The document we created for them (along with all social media strategies we create) included specific social goals, brand voice, target audience personas (including pain points), hashtag guide, best practice for all platforms, content themes, specific content ideas, paid ads explained and our recommended tools. We also included some tailored TikTok ideas the CTS could be posting on TikTok as one of their aims this year was to be prominent on the app.

WordPress training

The team at CTS were also interested in understanding wordpress more as that is what their website is hosted on. Our developer Dan set up a training session with the team that would give them a solid foundation into the basics of wordpress which the team can take away and build on this knowledge. Our training included how wordpress works, creating pages and posts, SEO (search engine optimisation) basics, media, wordpress maintenance and security.

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