Princess Alice Hospice – Email Support

Princess Alice Hospice - Email Support

The Brief:

The Team at Prince Alice Hospice wanted to refresh their current Intouch newsletters – a series of campaigns that helps them share the latest news from their Intouch Magazine, digitally.

Working with Grant and the Creative Blend Team has been a pleasure. They’ve understood our needs as a charity well, they’re responsive, they’re proactive, they work efficiently and find efficient ways to do things. Regular communication and I always feel confident that they’ll sort things out quickly if there’s an issue. Would definitely recommend!

Fran Bettesworth | Head of Marketing & Insight
Princess Alice Hospice

The Approach:

Our email expert Blanca has worked with Mailchimp for years so she knows a trick or two when it comes to making designs pop. As part of her approach to come up with a new design…

  • She reviewed the current email performance
  • She reviewed all the stories and news items on the client’s website to get an idea of what content would need to be sourced
  • She also ensured the new design was more dynamic, incorporating different colours and shapes that would stack nicely when viewing the email on both desktop and mobile.

To ensure best practices, we also ensured any new templates we build for clients are:

  • Optimised and light – so they don’t get caught on spam filters
  • Built efficiently – so clients don’t have to spend their precious time making the template work
  • On brand – as any newsletters need to have brand consistency with their website and comms channels
  • Optimised for clicks – how we structure the content in a newsletter matters, so we also build our templates in a way that is easier for the users to click
  • Creative and practical – we love injecting some creativity into our template design work that does not restrict the building of the campaigns, so you can get a good balance between practicality and design.


Once the new Mailchimp template was built, we tested it across different email platforms and presented it to the client who gave us feedback and some amends. The Princess Alice Hospice Team are a really lovely bunch and we were quickly able to implement any changes to sign off the design and build of the new template.


As part of the process, we also trained the Princess Alice Hospice Team on how to build the email moving forward so they can feel confident in using it for any campaigns they need.

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