Rickshaw Travel | Blog update

Rickshaw Travel | Blog update

The Brief:

Rickshaw Travel offers travel adventures with meaning. Their travel experiences bring you closer to the culture of your destination and allow you to build relationships with the locals.

The team at Rickshaw always have the biggest ideas and are full of enthusiasm for the next project! On this occasion our discussions took us to review the blog on their current website. The blog for Rickshaw is more than just a place to add the latest post about a destination; it is a place to share the teams tips, guides and connect with their Ramblers. So it had to be right!

The Approach:

Before taking on this project it was important for us to understand the current concerns/blockers on the blog. After speaking with the Rickshaw team we were made aware the biggest concern internally was the lack of searching opportunities across content & the on-going journey.

This coupled with our own analysis of data and accessibility testing, provided our team with a full list of problems, just asking to be solved! Our first step was to work through a series wireframes – during this stage we also took the opportunity to review font selections site-wide.

The font selections were whittled down from an initial range of 5 pairings down to 2, until we reached the final set of primary & secondary fonts. Once settled we had a clear directive of font & layout, just in time for high fidelity visuals.

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