Rickshaw Travel | Competition pages


The Brief

Rickshaw Travel is a market leader in ethical travel bringing to the world; thought provoking and meaningful experiences. We?ve been lucky enough to work with the fantastic Rickshaw team now for over a year working on many interesting projects & customer focussed competitions.

On this occasion, the team were keen to launch a new competition as part of their yearly activity to promote the brand and offer customers the opportunity to discover the magic of a Rickshaw trip!

The premise of the competition was simple, ask a question and the user has 4 options to select their favourite/preferred experience and or destination. The main objective of the piece was to make the new competition pages easy to scan, view across any device, understand and finally enter.

The new layout also had to be flexible enough to work as a template that could be replicated across many different competitions and builds.

The Approach

So with the goal & brief firmly in mind we set to work on the design & layout of the new competition pages. As this was a new build there was no previous data to learn from so we had free reign to jump straight into the design first producing initial sketches and mock ups on mobile.

By working with mobile first we were presented with the worst case scenario, this allowed us the ability to review functionality expectations as well as content levels on smaller devices.

Thankfully by taking this approach we came to realise a few issues: 1) To include 4 different destinations/options on the page with a write up the copy would need to be concise 2) The original requested sign up form had to be simplified from 5 fields to 3 and finally 3) The original highlight option on the selected trip didn?t work on mobile & tablet.

This brought about a new layout and a re-work of the content.

We?re pleased to say the second iteration of the layout worked far smoother across all devices and after taking the prototype through some user testing it proved intuitive and fun to use. Success!

From here we could then hand the new layout over to the marketing team at Rickshaw ready for their developers to tackle the build.

To this day the competition layout is currently still being used and is producing great results for the team at Rickshaw gaining great sign up, submissions & some lovely feedback.

A little on the client

Rickshaw Travel are a friendly UK?based travel company who believe in creating personal and meaningful travel experiences, taking you to the heart of a destination.

Our style of travel is unique ? using our destination expertise, we?ve carefully created a choice of bite-size trips typically 2-4 days long. These?usually?include?local excursions, charming authentic accommodation and all connecting transport. Build your own travel experience by piecing these trips together to?create your perfect itinerary.

Client: Rickshaw Travel

Skills: UX, UI, Web design

Release Date: January 12, 2017