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The Brief

Rickshaw Travel is a market leader in ethical travel bringing to the world; thought provoking and meaningful experiences. We?ve been lucky enough to work with the fantastic Rickshaw team now for over a year working on many interesting projects & customer focussed competitions.

When the Rickshaw marketing team approached us on this occasion we were asked to review the destination overview pages. For Rickshaw the destination pages are a vital part of the user journey as part of their exploration through content and finally to the trip pages. It was felt the old pages didn?t allow a clear direction through information with poor UI & IA through out.


The Approach

As with all of our online projects, we kick-off with data both qualitative & quantitive to understand what the issues on site are, this allows us to produce the correct solutions without adding additional problems.

Working with the in-house team at Rickshaw we begun to run user testing across the site to understand where users were struggling. This brought about a good understanding of the concerns & blockers on the destination pages, primarily focussing on the content navigation producing an awkward experience.

Because of this our first task was clear? Tackle the content navigation! After completing a few initial sketches and idea generation

We then had a clear direction to take into wireframe

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With the navigation agreed, it was then a case of simplifying the content currently on the page and re-ordering the information. Whilst on our crusade to improve the page structure and layout we also sought to pull out crucial information about the Rickshaw Travel booking process, we suspected this was going over some customers head.

After a successful launch of the new pages we are pleased to say progression through to the quote page has increased by 18% and use of the navigation across devices has improved. We?d like to thank the team at Rickshaw Travel for their ideas and open discussion through out the design & build.

A little on the client

Rickshaw Travel are a friendly UK?based travel company who believe in creating personal and meaningful travel experiences, taking you to the heart of a destination.

Our style of travel is unique ? using our destination expertise, we?ve carefully created a choice of bite-size trips typically 2-4 days long. These?usually?include?local excursions, charming authentic accommodation and all connecting transport. Build your own travel experience by piecing these trips together to?create your perfect itinerary.

Client: Rickshaw Travel

Skills: Design, Sketch, Wireframe, UX/UI

Release Date: April 9, 2016