Run Things | Branding

Run Things | Branding

The Brief:

Kev and Clare started out bringing people together for virtual runs and to support mental wellbeing. Seeing incredible growth from their virtual races, merchandise and training they needed a new brand to cover it all. Run Things was created to cover not only everything the team offer today but to stretch to encompass all they hope to offer in the future. All while supporting Mind UK by donating 50% of their race profits.

The co-founders were incredibly passionate with a strong sense of identity and community already established, it was important to create a brand that fitted the direction they had already set. It also had to work well with the website build we were also supporting them with.

I love it. I think it’s fantastic. The logo is exactly what I was hoping for.

Kevin | Co-Founder of Run Things
Run Things

The Approach:

We collated examples of brands that the team liked and from that realised we needed a clever balance of being bold yet inclusive. As a competitive market we also kept a close idea on the other directions being taken in the sector.

Once all information was collated we approached the logo design in a very similar manner to all other brand projects. Starting in greyscale to focus on the mark itself, we worked with the team to uncover their preferred direction which was settled on very quickly thanks to the pre-understanding of the brand and business.

Moving swiftly we created a colour palette and supporting logo structure that would work with each of the main streams of their business, giving vibrancy. We also delivered a colour palette with additional colour options in the future to work with other new strings to their bow.

Keeping the branding and website together with one agency meant that the team could enjoy a joined-up approach to how the brand was experienced online, from calls to action to use of photography.

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