Simple Getaway – Digital Support

Simple Getaway - Digital Support

The Brief:

Simple Getaway offers property management for holiday lets, as well as offering properties for holiday goers to rent in various locations in Sussex.

Sophie, the owner of Simple Getaway, came to us looking for digital support in the hopes to increase the traffic to the website, aiming to produce a consistent flow of leads through the site. The end goal for the year 2022 was to have 10 new properties listed with Simple Getaway, in Sussex.

Hiring Creative Blend has been the BEST decision we’ve made. They have been so supportive and informative and the frequent catch up calls has been amazing. They are worlds apart from what I had before and I can’t recommend them enough to new clients. They are extremely detailed, having come up with a whole load of recommendations for us, but presenting that in a very un-overwhelming way so that we don’t feel an extra strain to our workload. Extremely impressed so far and really looking forward to what we are able to create in our partnership for the rest of the year!

Sophie Leigh-Jones | Owner
Simple Getaway

The Approach:

Although Sophie knew where she wanted Simple Getaway to be, she was looking for guidance on how to get it there. This is where the Creative Blend team came together to discuss what we could do to help Sophie reach her goal. The first step was to look at Simple Getaway’s digital presence in its current state and undertake an SEO, website, marketing and social media audit so we could then be in a position to make valuable and strategic recommendations.


SEO audit and optimisation

One of our first steps was to anayse the Simple Getaway site from a search perspective to see where it sat in its current market, amongst its competitors.

Upon conducting a thorough SEO market analysis, we highlighted the search opportunities for the brand and also gave us a good indication of how Google was ranking the current website. We not only identified the many different web pages that could be created and optimised the sites meta descriptions, alt-tags and title tags but we also ended up optimising the overall look and feel of the homepage to support better conversion, engagement and accessibility. To further support the SEO goals we carried out a full Keyword Analysis highlighting strategic content, market demands, peak periods, and monthly search volumes per month. We also implemented some technical SEO updates including improving site speed, navigation and alt text on images.


Web work

As part of the ‘Discovery’ phase for Simple Getaway, we also reviewed and analysed different user experiences. This audit allowed us to highlight any key areas of improvement, opportunities and accessibility concerns. We then provided a selection of ‘quick-wins’, ‘medium

builds’ and ‘longer-term builds’. We quickly started cracking on with updating all the ‘quick-wins’ on site and the team are still currently going through the process of the longer term updates, making improvements each month redesigning the current site, implementing UX and accessibility focussed updates.

To gain even deeper insights into how users behave when they are on the website, we also undergo regular Google analytics reporting, site heat mapping and user session recording analysis. This is to ensure we are consistently improving the user experience on the site to ultimately gain conversions and enquiries. Insights from our reporting show that since starting our work with Simple Getaway…


we have increased their direct website traffic by 16%, increased web entrances by 14% and reduced bounce rate by 2.5%.


Marketing strategy

We undertook an audit of Simple Getaway’s current online market presence to highlight areas for growth. From this review we consolidated a marketing strategy for the Simple Getaway brand. This strategy included things like the type of messaging, tone of voice, images and type of blog posts we should be using/creating to resonate with our target audience. Simultaneously to creating our strategy document, we were also undergoing a community review. This allowed us to understand what is going on in the sector and evaluate how competitors are marketing themselves, allowing us to see possible opportunities. An important part of the marketing strategy is how Simple Getaway is propositioning itself on social platforms.


social media testimonial designed for instagram    promotional client graphic created for instagram   social media promotional infographic designed for instagram


Social media 

As part of our marketing strategy we also reviewed Simple Getaway’s social channels and recognised opportunities for increased brand awareness and engagement. We also advised on how best to optimise the accounts visually and copy wise for optimum engagement and conversion. We then designed some brand assets for use on social media including review templates, infographics and story highlight covers to ensure a consistent, professional look.

“Since starting our work we’ve seen higher levels of engagement, an example of this being one of our brand asset posts (designed infographic) produced 82% more engagement than their average posts.”

We are still currently working with Simple Getaway’s on an ongoing basis to implement all the opportunities we’ve identified and we can’t wait to see the end result of all our joint efforts!

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