St Catherine’s Hospice | Web Design & Build

St Catherine's Hospice | Web Design & Build

The Brief:

We had been supporting the marketing team at St Catherine’s Hospice for a while. Initially with updates and implementations to their current website and later down the line with some email marketing automation. For a few years, we had tried to make the most of the website they had, but some of the technology in the back end wasn’t as agile as it could be, there were issues with the navigation and the amount of content their CMS was holding. After hitting a few roadblocks, we discussed building a fresh new site that could adapt to the team’s needs and user insights.

The overall goal of the project was to:

The Approach:

Firstly our UX designer Tash put together some designs – the idea wasn’t to create something completely different from the existing, but to simplify it, and make it more user-friendly. We introduced some new colours to their palette, and created some sample pages for the client to get a feel for what the site could look like.

Content & SEO
In the meantime, content team Liam and Blanca, analysed their sitemap and came up with a way to structure the main navigation that was simpler and more intuitive. This meant combining some pages, splitting some others and ensure none of the existing content that was performing well as lost.
This was a pretty complex task due to the vast amount of content St Catherine had one their existing website. In order to make decisions, we looked at the data available, user behaviour and most importantly – took onboard our client’s experience. In this case, they wanted the new website to maintain their search rankings and positions but above that, they wanted to ensure the site was structured and organised according to their users’ behaviour. For the client, the website didn’t need to be found (as they are quite established in their catchment area already), they wanted to organise the information in a way that was more accessible and simpler to navigate.

Once we were clear on what the new sitemap and architecture of the site could look like, and with Tash’s designs now approved, our developer Jason started to build all the technology behind it. Some of the solutions we provided with this new bespoke web build included:

  • Improvement of the donation process that was previously loosing engagement due to many clicks by creating a pop up donation form that kept users on the same page
  • Improvement of flow issues switching between monthly and one-off payments by redesigning the user interface of the existing form
  • Improved third-party donation functionality integrating it with gravity forms so it’s easier to donate
  • Made it easier for the team to incorporate new form fields when customising new campaigns by creating gravity forms that provide seamless UI
  • Improved the lack of flexibility with various payment structures for full control to now choose payment structure that suits the Team’s fundraising campaigns
  • Created an integration between the forms on the website and their CRM / Email marketing partner, DotDigital, so they now can collect new information and send it to CRM directly
  • Improved their lack of integration of the website with plugins for an easy integration with plugins

Added value
As we designed and developed a bespoke website, we were able to adapt any element to the needs of our client. We were able to create bespoke design elements, content blocks, CMS training videos and other features that could make the management of the website easier for the St Catherine’s Team. We introduced some added-value touches like transitions and animations when loading the pages, that reinforced the message of humanity and softness that St Catherine’s exemplifies so well in their work supporting palliative care patients.

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