St John’s | Digital Support

St John’s | Digital Support

The Brief:

St John’s are a specialist school and college supporting young people with complex learning needs. It provides the very best in education, care and support protecting and helping those most vulnerable in our society.

Like many of our clients, St John’s were left with a website that was not user friendly and impossible for them to update. This has resulted in information becoming dated and the user experience being challenging. With no budget for a website re-design this year, St John’s appointed us to run a website surgery with key stakeholders of the website and to deliver digital support to make interim improvements.


The Approach:

We worked closely with the team to set out expectations for the surgery with key stakeholders, this pre-work allowed us to quickly bring everyone on-board and make the process more efficient. We then ran a half day surgery on site. This not only allowed us to get an insight into the wonderful work they do for their learners but also quickly collate all the interim updates needed for the site, as well as help them align a future vision for usability.

We then translated all these needs into a project board to set out the next 6 months which allowed us to prioritise each request and ensure each stake-holders needs were considered. With one day’s support each month, we scheduled tasks across the next six months.

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