St. John’s School | Heroes Campaign Support

St. John’s School | Heroes Campaign Support

The Brief:

We’ve been working with St John’s School and College for people with complex learning disabilities for quite a while now. We’ve built their current website and support them digitally with any challenges they might have.

The Challenge
On this occasion, the Fundraising Team wanted to create a campaign to attract local businesses in and around Seaford with the aim to raise 5k that would be allocated towards equipment for their young learners.

The St. John’s Team is always really proactive so they already had a campaign name and some marketing materials but needed our help to:

  • Consolidate their messaging
  • Create visually striking marketing assets they could use (sponsorship pdf, flyers, sponsor badge)
  • Create a campaign landing page to point businesses to, where they would be able to find all the information they needed to become a sponsor.
  • Create some social media graphics that their Team could use to promote the campaign.
  • Be really quick in turning things around!

The Approach:

As a starting point, we reviewed their materials and made some recommendations and suggestions. Our Digital Marketing Manager Blanca has a lot of experience running advertising campaigns for businesses so was very familiar with what was needed. The messaging had to be short, snappy, convincing, humble and very clear.

We created a ‘sponsor badge’ that St. John’s could use in any visual materials but also that could be sent to sponsors to have on their website too.

We also reviewed their marketing materials and designed a sponsorship pdf that explained the goal of the St. John’s Community Heroes campaign, reasons to become a sponsor and a bit of background on where the money would go to.

Next step was to create a campaign landing page that looked like the rest of the website but had specific information on the Community Heroes Campaign. We are used to working quite closely with the St. John’s Team so we were able to implement their feedback promptly, ensuring we were able to launch the page and the campaign in 10 days.

Once we handed over the page and sales materials (pdf, flyers) to their Fundraising Team, we created some social media graphics and assets they could use on their social media channels. The campaign was a success and still going strong!

Need some help with your marketing activities? Don’t fret – we’ve got you. Simply drop us a line or give us a call on 01273 030029 so we can find a way to support you 🙂

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