St Wilfrid’s Hospice | Interactive Annual Report

The Brief:

St Wilfrid’s Hospice, a current client of ours who supports and cares for people in their community who are in the last phase of their lives, came to us with a need to create a new page for their end-of-year reports.

After an initial meeting between ourselves, we all came together to produce the following requirements:

  • Design and develop a new reusable page template.
  • Page to be and feel interactive; this can be in the form of carousels and subtle animations e.g. fade/sliding in content.
  • Each section within our page template is to be reusable and able to customise e.g. colours and content.
  • Improve current sections on site that will be used in this page template e.g. accordions and newsletter sign-up.

The Approach:

Due to existing sections being re-styled and new sections being created, we believed it was best to split into two different stages; design and development. Doing so allows us and the client to get a visual representation before development and defines a clear set of deliverables. Following 2-3 iterations of the design the STWH was happy for us to take this into development.

Due to having a clearly laid out design and requirements, the development team was able to get straight into the creation of the page template with minimal distractions.

The development process included 2 rounds of reviews and feedback which helped us and STWH be kept up to date with our progress and if we had any issues to catch and address them at the earliest opportunity. 

During development, we concluded that it was best to create each section within the new page as a “Block” instead of being attached to the new page template only. We took this decision because it allows the team at STWH to reuse any new section they like within the page template anywhere else on site. 

Following final checks and testing, we and STWH were happy to get this live and rolled out on to site. You can find their new page detailing their annual reports here. 

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