The Language Guru | Website Design & Development

The Language Guru | Website Design & Development

The Brief:

The Language Guru are a Hove-based language training provider, owned by language expert, Carole Jacquet.

With a mix of individual and corporate clients, Carole wanted to update her existing website so that it could reflect the scope of work the Language Guru currently does, including new languages, new corporate services and a new contact form.

As part of this project, we designed and built their new homepage and corporate pages, we conducted a thorough analysis of their SEO keyword market which then guided the website copywriting. As part of the project, we also supported them with their social media strategy and community management

The Approach:

Our first step to the project was to better understand what new services had to be added to The Language Guru’s proposition, what their USPs were, who they wanted to attract and how this could be incorporated with the existing website.

After researching their competitors and understanding their market better, we came up with a sitemap and user experience strategy that would flow with the existing structure while our designer Alex, put together different designs for the new pages.

In the meantime, our copywriting team got together to discuss The Language Guru copy requirements. The goal was to define their tone of voice according to their company values and to write the web copy. The copywriting had to be straightforward, friendly and aimed at their corporate audiences, with their needs in mind. In order to create optimised copy together, we worked closely with Liam, our SEO expert, who did an extensive keyword analysis on The Language Guru’s market, coming up with an SEO strategy that would integrate with the copywriting and would give the new website the technical backup to rank healthily on Google UK.

Once the copy was written and the web designs had been signed off, our digital team and our web team worked together to get the pages built with the appropriate combination of text and images, ensuring the functionality required was exactly what our client wanted.

After thorough technical testing, we also conducted different user testing sessions ensuring all the information was easily accessible through desktop, mobile and tablet.

View their website to see the final product:

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