The Sentence Works | Website build

The Sentence Works | Website build

The Brief:

The Sentence Works are a husband and wife team who really do prove two-heads are better than one. Judy & Adrian both have a well established background in journalism working for some of the worlds biggest publications.

Combining their skills together The Sentence Works team provide services in content & copywriting, Editing and Training courses (now online as well) to get your sentences working better for you!

Upon first meeting Judy at the Brighton and Hove Chamber event in 2017, it was clear the previous brand and website was outdated and Judy wanted to re-launch The Sentence Works with a fresh, new, & striking look!

In a nutshell the brief was to make The Sentence Works standout, whilst providing a more succinct user experience online making services clearer and easier to acquire.

During the project we created the following elements; new logo design coupled with a new icon/mark, a new colour palette, business cards and finally leading us to the new website with an improved user experience.

We wanted to rebrand to bring all elements of our business together. Creative Blend designed our new logo and website and were incredibly easy to work with. They were very responsive to all of our questions and suggestions. We’re really pleased with our new website, which looks fantastic.?

Judy Yorke | Owner The Sentence Works
The Sentence Works

The Approach:

Our first step to the project was to better understand the services and the future plans for The Sentence Works. After extended talks we agreed the proposition on the old website was confusing. By working on the IA & UI of the website along with simplifying the content, our belief was that if we created something more usable, simple and ultimately accessible this would lead to more conversions (simple right)!

Now that this was understood, we moved our attentions onto the branding (click the link to read about the branding project). Whilst the branding was being developed our Digital team moved to focus on the website, taking into account the primary focus was to ensure the journey, message and services were as clear as possible. With this in mind our design & development team worked together to produce the website that is now seen online. By utilising service landing pages and splitting out their product range the breakdown of content allowed for bite-sized information with clear call-to-actions. Coupled with some new imagery taken on the South Downs the website was ready!

We’re happy to say since launch we’ve received some fantastic feedback from The Sentence Works team and we hope the new website & brand help them bring more great content

As Chamber members we look forward to future interactions with The Sentence Works team and we’re glad they love their new website & brand! experiences!

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