To Tuscany | Food recipes

To Tuscany | Food recipes

The Brief:

When we spoke with To Tuscany during one of our bi-weekly calls we found a key focus for the business was to bring more people to their fantastic newsletters. After a long discussion where we offered a few different ideas, we landed on the idea of a piece of link-bait that works with the cultural beauty of Tuscany. As most are aware Tuscany is known for it’s prowess in the area of food & drink, because of this along with the To Tuscany team we agreed a series of recipes would gain some great recognition.

Great collection of professionals who helped To Tuscany with a variety of challenges including design, development plus building new Apps to compliment our website.

The Approach:

After the decision was made To Tuscany sourced an amazing chef who created some traditional recipes which are well loved around the world. As well as this they had a great photographer on hand to take a series of delicious photos.

This gave the Creative Blend all we need to move forward and create a sumptuous series of delicious foodie recipes. Once all 12 recipes had been created we worked alongside the To Tuscany team and had each recipe translated into 5 different languages. To Tuscany are now in a place where they are launching one recipe each month and having great content to publicise, this has seen more users sign-up for newsletters & downloading the content.

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