To Tuscany | Travel App

To Tuscany | Travel App

The Brief:

Early in 2018 we sat down with the team at To Tuscany to discuss their desire to create a new client facing app. After reviewing the previous processes and user feedback, all data suggested there were clear opportunities to improve the current user experience.


With their new app, To Tuscany hoped to improve their current customer experience whilst offering a vastly improved pre-departure journey.

The Approach:

After setting out the projects acceptance criteria and key review points, the race was on to launch the app before To Tuscany’s peak booking period.


Our first step was to review the complete user journey from purchase to return trip. This involved sitting down with the To Tuscany teams, customer services department and booking system administrator.


After plotting each step out in post-it notes it was clear there were opportunities to consolidate and digitalise many aspects of the journey. Our overall goal was to ensure the app contained all the essential information about the customers trip, whilst digitalising the navigation to the customer’s holiday villa. This was highlighted as a main concern from the TT team.


Moving on from our customer journey mapping we broke out the pens and began wireframing each section of the app. After some initial prototyping, we worked with the To Tuscany internal team to direct the wireframes to a point of signoff. After multiple review points, we successfully achieved this.


Working within tight deadlines, we took the visuals into high fidelity design, which allowed us to begin some initial user testing remotely and also in our local coffee shop. Thankfully, the vast majority of the layouts came away from testing with only minor required updates (thanks to some great design work from LJ!), providing us with our clear next steps.


Handing over to our amazing development team, Adam & Joe both worked tirelessly to ensure the development worked with the To Tuscany bespoke back-end system.


What’s more, it’s also accessible offline and personalised for customers’ use: making it the perfect travelling companion.


Some highlights from the app include:

  • A comprehensive pre-travel checklist to help you remember all your important documents
  • Booking details section with all your travel information ready at hand
  • Directions with Google Map interface to help locate your villa
  • Handy contacts section with one-touch call options for your villa specialist and key-holder.
  • An instant-email service for easy text communication with your villa specialist.


Since going live the app has gone down well with customers achieving a 5 star rating on the Apple App store whilst allowing the To Tuscany team to more efficiently share the improved post-departure documentation with their customers.


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