Uncle Sam’s UK | Social Media Management

Uncle Sam’s UK | Social Media Management

The Brief:

When we were approached by the owner of Uncle Sam’s Montpelier Road burger shop in Brighton, we couldn’t be more excited. He had been cooking fresh hamburgers to order since 1971 (that’s over 21 million burgers cooked!) and wanted to broaden the scope of his market and promote his shop on social media as a test for other Uncle Sams shops in Sussex.

With a strong sense of identity and a loyal community of burger lovers already established, it was important to create a social media management strategy that fitted the purpose, Uncle Sam’s audience and engaged with Brighton’s local foodie scene.

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The Approach:

We first reviewed Uncle Sams UK overall online presence and suggested different options that could make a difference. The one thing that stood out for us was the lack of social media presence for the Montpelier road shop. So with our branding and design expertise, we were able to advise on the style of the communications, look and feel of content, overall online brand personality and channels to focus on.

“Our take on the social identity included visuals and graphics that featured a classic burger joint – pop colours, simple shapes and key catchy messages”

After different conversations with the Team, we decided that Instagram would be the most effective channel to start broadening the scope of Uncle Sams business and build a social presence amongst the local foodie community. This would enable us to showcase some of the finger-licking burger pics from customers, raise awareness of their offers and promotions and show a bit more of the human side of the business.

After setting up the account, we then started to engage with burger lovers and local food influencers who were aware of the delicious Uncle Sam’s burgers. What we suddenly realised was the range of different audiences that were started to engage with us; from families to students and locals alike.

To boost engagement, we created an ongoing monthly competitions to encourage user-generated content, where customers can win a burger every month when they share their burger snaps using the hashtag #UncleSamsUK – and so far it’s ticking along nicely!

After a few months, the account was growing really strongly and engagements double, increasing the shop’s exposure in Brighton. Our client was really happy with the development and deployment of our social media management so they decided they wanted to do the same with the Uncle Sams Eastbourne shop which we launched and manage to date.

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