Vios Concept | Social Media Management

Vios Concept | Social Media Management

The Brief:

Vios Concept is a family-owned, Brighton-based, Mediterranean concept store that specialises in Mediterranean gourmet products, traditional kitchenware and beautiful homeware accessories. Think delicious Greek honey, hand carved wooden kitchen tools or French Proven’al home decor.

Initially, the project was centred around building a website that showcased Vios’ personality and all their Mediterranean products but based on all of our experience working in Brighton’s foodie scene, the client decided to make the most of our social media expertise to launch their brand on social media.

The brief was clear, we were to focus on two channels only (Facebook and Instagram) and we would create a social identity, and a social profile that was vibrant and engaged with Brighton’s social foodie scene, in a friendly, approachable manner.

In 72 hours the Vios Facebook profile grew from zero to 600 followers, and over 300 followers on Instagram – and that was just without paid ads

Vios |

The Approach:

By the time we got to create a strategy for Vios we had already built their website and written all their content which made it an easy job to understand which direction to take.

The goal of their social media activity was to generate brand awareness (as a new business, this is critical so people can discover who you are and what you do!), promote a sustainable, healthy lifestyle but also support their sales.

We created different styles for their social identity so the client could choose and built a content calendar to ensure their content is always relevant, combining the promotion of their products, home inspiration, delicious Mediterranean recipes and conversational posts.

After the launch, we’ve also started managing and optimising their paid social media (Facebook ads) to ensure as a new brand, Vios gets the best chance to be discovered by potential customers.

Want to see it for yourself? Check out Vios Concept Facebook page or Instagram account.

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