Vios Concept | Website Build

Vios Concept | Website Build

The Brief:

Vios Concept is a family-owned, Brighton-based, Mediterranean concept store that specialises in Mediterranean gourmet products, traditional kitchenware and beautiful homeware accessories. Think delicious Greek honey straight, hand carved wooden kitchen tools or French Proven al home decor.


They approached us to build an e-commerce website that could tell their story, that communicated their passion for a more sustainable, healthy lifestyle and of course, a platform to sell their hand-picked Mediterranean products!


Apart from building their website, we conducted a thorough analysis of their SEO keyword market which then guided the website copywriting as well as created their social media identity and strategy – which we currently manage for them.


The Approach:

Our first step was to understand what Vios Concept meant for the family behind it; their values, aspirations and business goals. As a new business launching in our own community, we were delighted to be their chosen agency to bring their ideas to life.


They didn’t have an existing website but they had a very clear vision on what Vios Concept had to represent as a brand. After?researching their competitors and understanding their market, our Grant came up with a sitemap and user experience strategy that was simple and straightforward.


In the meantime, our SEO expert Liam conducted a thorough analysis of their market and came up with one of their amazing spreadsheets with loads of insights and trends we could tap into. Working closely with Liam meant the Team was clear on what keywords would give Vios Concept the best chances to rank. This information was critical for our copywriter Blanca (our own in-house Mediterranean!) who put her copywriting skills to work and created all the web copy, including a blog post about the benefits of following a Mediterranean diet (check it out, it’s actually very interesting!). Writing the copy meant ensuring the Vios values were part of the content – friendly, approachable and professional.?Once the copy was written and signed off, our code guru Gemma built the website ensuring the functionality required was exactly what our client wanted.


View their website to see the final product:

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