West & Berry | Website Build

West & Berry | Website Build

The Brief:

West & Berry are a Brighton-based accountancy and auditing firm led by Michelle Westbury – an experienced chartered accountant with a passion for supporting charities and non for profit organisations.

Michelle wanted a website that could describe what West & Berry does in a clean, minimal way, showing the human side of accounting.

As part of this project, we also designed their brand identity (including a logo, colour palette, business cards), we conducted a thorough analysis of their SEO keyword market which then guided the website copywriting.


We recently established a new firm of Accountants in Brighton. Creative Blend helped and supported us through the whole process from Branding to Website. I guess we were one of those difficult clients who didn’t really know what they wanted, the team at Creative Blend helped us work that out. We found them to be flexible, patient, knowledgeable and quick to respond to queries. Pricing options were simple and transparent, with a menu of what we might need so we could pick and choose what we wanted and understand the price. We would defiantly recommend Creative Blend.

Michelle Westbury | Director West & Berry
West & Berry

The Approach:

Our first step to the project was to better understand the services and the future plans for West & Berry, who they are, how they wanted to be represented online or what are their USPs are. They didn’t have an existing website so we had free range to put something together that was new and fresh.

After researching their competitors and understanding their market better, we came up with a sitemap and user experience strategy that was succinct and straightforward. Our branding designer Chloe also put together different options of identity branding, which ended up defining West & Berry’s official brand logo.

In the meantime, our copywriting team got together to discuss West & Berry’s copy requirements. The goal was to define their tone of voice according to their company values and to write the web copy. Michelle was very clear. She wanted the copywriting to be straightforward, non-judgemental, helpful and transparent. Some of the messages important to convey in the copy included: inspiring trust, a sense of calm, simplicity, friendliness and tailored services. In order to put the copy together, we worked closely with Liam, our SEO expert, who did an extensive keyword analysis on West & Berry’s market, coming up with an engaging SEO strategy that would integrate with the copywriting and would give the new website the technical backup to rank healthily on Google Uk.

While we worked on the web copy we created a landing page so people that visited West & Berry’s website-to-be were made aware that the website was coming.

Once the copy was written and signed off, our digital team and our web team worked together to get the website built with the appropriate combination of text and images, ensuring the functionality required was exactly what our client wanted.

After thorough technical testing, we also conducted different user testing sessions ensuring all the information was easily accessible through desktop, mobile and tablet.

View their website to see the final product:


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