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We love data here at Creative Blend, we regularly deliver easy-to-digest monthly reports for clients, helping them keep on top of all their marketing activity from Google Analytics to email. We help you see the opportunities hiding in the data, and play them back in an easy-to-action way.

We can also help demystify the dark world of SEO, break it down and help you see quick wins for your business in search. There are three main streams of SEO we can help you with; Onsite SEO (which is where keywords and clever copywriting comes in), Offsite (which is about creating content that others want to share and link back to), and finally technical SEO. Luckily we’re experts in all of these so you don’t have to be.

SEO Content and copywriting

Google will reward you for being helpful, useful and relevant to a searcher online. This requires making the most of your data to identify powerful SEO content and copywriting opportunities that will hit both the searcher and Google’s sweet spot. Having a well-optimised website is integral to ranking well for desired search terms, in 2018 revisiting your website copy with an SEO copywriter can be invaluable. We can ensure your pages are not competing for keywords, are fully optimised (with all the latest tricks) and enhance the user experience every step of the way.

Technical SEO

Alongside fantastic on-site SEO content, technical SEO ensures every element behind the scenes of your website is helping your search presence. From improving your site-speed to fixing broken links and adding schema data to help your business appear in Google’s knowledge graph, regular house-keeping is essential.


Understanding the numbers behind your businesses analytical data is critical to optimise not only your marketing channels but also your wider business growth. However with so much data available making sense of the numbers can be tricky and time consuming, but fear not we’re here for you.

Our reporting dashboards are highly visual with clear explanations behind your brand and can be customised to your needs.

Looking to improve your SEO knowledge?

Our training would equip you or your team with the skills to maintain good SEO when it comes to your website content and copy.

If you’d like to discuss SEO Training contact us for a free consultation

We’re happy to say we’ve received some fantastic feedback from clients.

Working with Creative Blend has been fantastic. Their enthusiasm, rapid response to feedback, and their diverse skillset helped us develop effective new marketing materials, site improvements, and content/SEO initiatives. A great asset to achieving our marketing goals.

-Marek Bronstring | Search Marketing Specialist at Rickshaw Travel


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