Running a business is no financial joke. You know you need to have a strong presence online but where to start? And how to prioritise?

We were delighted to share 6 of our Top Tips for new businesses in the Brighton?& Hove Independent this month. Here we highlight the other four to complete the set. We hope they help give your new (or old) business a boost with zero damage to the business account:

7.?Simplify your finances

You?ve sorted the website, the marketing plan is in place – now it?s time to work out your finances. There?s plenty of free accounting programs on the web, a great one is Wave which is free (unless you set up credit card payments). You?ll be able to create invoices, track payments and record expenses – all at the touch of a button either on your phone or computer.

8. Skill swap with those around you

In need of some help outside of your skillset? Why not tap into the minds of those around you. Skill swapping can be a fantastic way to get things done at a low cost (or free!) and it?s always nice to feel your own personal skills can help others in their work. We?ve seen digital work be exchanged for yoga lessons, logo creation and even wine! Whatever works…

9. Keep an eye out for free conferences

Glean as much knowledge as possible by attending free conferences. As a creative city, Brighton and Hove have plenty going on year round so keep an eye on Wired Sussex for free digital events and tickets.

10. Keep your head in the game

Now everything is set up and (hopefully) running smoothly, there?s no time to sit back and rest – it?s important to keep learning! The digital stratosphere changes faster than a ride on the Brighton i360 so we?d suggest signing up to a few of the daily tip emails from trusted industry websites, such as Econsultancy to keep on top of new announcements and Google algorithm changes.

Brighton is a fantastic city to start a new business, and we wish you the best of luck with your startup!

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