It’s that time of year for Christmas cheer and good will to all men & women! To do our bit, we would like to share the love for two very special charities, which are close to our hearts:

Whoopsadaisy are a Brighton based charity helping children with cerebral palsy and other physical disabilities and their families. The work this charity does is absolutely fantastic, however as they receive no government funding they really rely on local fundraising & donations. Because of this we would highly recommend this charity as a lovely heart warming cause to be apart of.

The second is Love is all we need, this great charity raises funds to support orphans in Pietermaritzburg and nearby Sweetwaters in KwaZulu Natal. The team at LIAWN are some fantastic people who not only run their own businesses but then take the time to plan events, organise fundraising & support people who wish to gain funds for the charity. The charity has now been a part of Hove community for many years and deserves as much support as people can offer.

So if you wish to get involved with a local charity this Christmas and contribute some of the alcohol fund to a good cause in Brighton & Hove please consider Whoopsadaisy or Love is all we need.

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