Lockdown measures seem to be more relaxed with pubs and restaurants now open, and for some, things might just start feeling like we’re back to normal again. But the reality is far more complex. Things are still really tough for some people in our community, and that’s just a fact. Here at Creative Blend, we believe that we can all do a little bit to support others, that?s why we are an agency with a charity commitment.

Supporting RISE

Imagine being stuck at home with someone you fear. Imagine feeling you have no one to talk to. Imagine not feeling safe on a daily basis. Top it all off with a global pandemic where you have to stay at home… domestic abuse is no joke, folks, it’s a very complex, serious issue. This is why we?ve teamed up with RISE, Brighton and Hove?s ONLY domestic abuse charity offering help and hope to over 2,000 people every year.

For the next month, you?ll learn with us how we can all raise awareness about domestic violence and what support is available in our community.

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The facts

Did you know that 1 woman in 4 will experience domestic abuse in her lifetime? According to RISE, it’s estimated that less than 24% of domestic violence crime is reported to the police. Despite its prevalence, domestic abuse is hugely under-reported because it mainly occurs at home, so no one can see it.

During lockdown, RISE have been receiving over three times the amount of calls to their helpline. In the press, domestic abuse during this period has been referred to as ?intimate terrorism,? where women and children are isolating with their abusers.

Why is it such a complex issue?

According to RISE, those who have experienced abuse will often try to keep it from families, friends, or authorities. This is because they may:

  • Feel ashamed or blame themselves.
  • Love their partner and not want them to be criticised or punished.
  • Be frightened that if they tell anyone and their partner finds out they will be in danger of even worse abuse.

Abuse takes many forms and isn’t always physical. You may not realise that what’s happening to you is abuse. They’ve put together a very useful?set of questions to help you work out whether you are in an abusive relationship?and need their help.

They also offer support to those who might be abuse perpetrators, so they can find a way to recognise their behaviour and get help.

testimonial from someone using RISE's domestic abuse help

Support offered by RISE

RISE provides the following help in Brighton and Hove:

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing empowering survivors’ stories, ways in which we can all help, and raising awareness of the meaningful work RISE do in our community.

If you need support from RISE or are worried about a friend you can call our helpline on 01273 622 828, or contact them?online via the Portal. They will also soon be offering a live chat service, so you can contact them if you are unable to make a phone call.

They aim to continue with their casework appointments, but via telephone or video, and they’re close to being able to operate their support groups remotely. For the latest info, please visit their website:?https://www.riseuk.org.uk/