Small charities have been hit hard by the pandemic. As a digital agency with a charity commitment, we feel it?s our duty to offer a helping hand when we can. This month, we have chosen to support an incredible children?s charity, Whoopsadaisy. With our own MD as a trustee of the charity, we are very excited to raise awareness of the work they do in our community so others can benefit from their services. Let’s have a look:

What is Whoopsadaisy?

Whoopsadaisy is a Brighton-based charity that provides life-changing programmes to help children with physical disabilities. Located in Preston Park, they have been providing conductive education to improve the quality of life for children and their families for over a decade.

They strive to ensure children reach their potential despite extra challenges and believe that ?the capacity to learn is unbound?.

Free support for children with motor disorders

Whoopsadaisy offer a specialist mobility service for children under 5free of charge:

  • A holistic approach promoting progress in all areas of development including mobility, confidence and independence
  • Information and support on access to specialised equipment, procedures and other services in the area
  • A positive, growth and goal-driven environment centering around the child?s abilities and potential
  • A new perspective on life with a disability, as benefits from conductive education, are seen in all areas of everyday life for the whole family

conductor supporing a little child on a matt

They also offer a specialist mobility service to those children between 5-12 years old.?

In addition, Whoopsadaisy offers expert advice over consultations, a free assessment via zoom, and their friendly team are always just a phone call away and happy to help! If their service is right for your child, they can provide their specialised service in the form of online sessions and consultancy for families. For more information, have a read of the conductive services they offer in Brighton & Hove – free of charge.?

Why supporting Whoopsadaisy during the pandemic?

Whoopsadaisy usually allows vulnerable children and their families to meet, socialise and connect with others going through similar challenges during in-person classes. This is a fundamental aspect of their impact. However, with COVID-19 preventing the most vulnerable groups from socialising, they have had to adapt to maintain their support.

Due to the care and determination of their team, Whoopsadaisy has managed to run a successful online service via Zoom. Despite the challenges of delivering Conductive Education remotely, the charity has observed its clients gaining enormous benefits. They are educating parents to make up for the lack of physical support, and children are observing positive outcomes.

child stretching on a matt

Our September commitment

Over the course of September, we aim to fully support the charity by spreading awareness of the incredible work they do, in order to reach those who could benefit from their service and build the community support they need to continue. In this way, they can continue to improve the quality of life for many children and their families.

At Creative Blend we have made a commitment, as an ethical agency, to support one charity each month. To read more about our charity commitment, view our charity commitment page.