Our Sustainability Commitment

1,300 trees

8.11t of CO2e avoided

24 international projects funded

In 2022 we embarked on a journey to develop our sustainability efforts to reduce our business carbon emissions and help local projects all over the world.


We chose to plant trees as they aid in the restoration of ecosystems, capturing and storing additional carbon in soil and plant biomass, and enhancing biodiversity. Reforestation initiatives offer dual advantages for local residents, fostering employment, gender parity, fresh revenue avenues, a wider array of nutritional sources for a healthier diet, and better community facilities.


As part of our commitment, we’ve supported the prevention of
8.11 tCO2e from being emitted through 24 verified carbon avoidance projects (see below). This is equivalent to:

4 long haul flights

16 metres2 of sea ice saved

13,199 miles driven in a car

Some of the projects we are currently supporting include:


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