We all know Brighton is full to the brim with vegan spots, vintage shops and many other miscellaneous green businesses, so to get in the spirit of world refill day 2022 (16th June) we thought we would whittle it down to our top 5!

1. The Gardener Cafe

Run by ‘The real junk food project’ and located on 50 Gardener St, this Cafe is a truly unique concept. All of the options are vegetarian, full of goodness AND all made from food that has been intercepted from landfill and would otherwise go to waste. The menu changes daily depending on the produce that day, however you can be sure that the offerings will be super colourful and full of flavour. The other extraordinary aspect of this establishment is the ‘pay as you feel’ policy. This means customers only pay whatever they think their food was worth. This could well lead to some people taking the mick, however they feel it’s an important aspect in their efforts to think about what they are eating and value it.

2. Harriet's of Hove

Is a plastic-free refill shop where you can restock on all your store cupboard essentials just without the single use plastics. The ‘bring your own container’ policy isn’t the only way they are practicing ethical business; they source as many of their products from local, independent suppliers as they can. Developing a more circular way of selling produce and helping thousands of people to consistently reduce their plastic waste, how could Harriet’s of Hove not make our top 5?


3. Snooper's Attic

Located just above Snooper’s Paradise, Snooper’s Attic is a whole floor dedicated to the best vintage clothing and accessory finds. Expect to find the best hand-picked vintage gems in the attic, with the stock so good you will forget you’re also shopping second-hand and making efforts towards sustainability!

4. Wolf & Gypsy Vintage

Located in the North Laines, this vintage boutique has pieces at a slightly higher price point, however the pieces are high quality, one-of-a-kind and arguably more modern than many of Brighton’s other vintage stores. They also have an online shop where you can purchase and browse all of their goodies if you don’t fancy mooching around the busy streets of Brighton.

5. Emmaus Brighton & Hove

And last but certainly not least we have Brighton’s branch of Emmaus, located in Portslade. Emmaus is a great place to shop in not only because it is of course a charity shop that raises money for homelessness but on top of that, it is an impressive space (with its own cafe) home to even more impressive finds. If you want to find out a little more about this place have a look on TikTok for loads of cool videos of people coming from all over to check it out!

We know Brighton is home to so many vintage/ eco-friendly establishments and it can get a little overwhelming, so we hope our recommendations have helped you narrow down your list if you are visiting Brighton or introduced you to a new favourite if you’re a local.

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