When there are 689 million search results for ‘social media expert’ on Google what makes a real social media expert? And how do you hire one?

Possibly one of the most over-used terms in marketing in recent times. Social is a lot more than knowing how to post content. So what are the top five qualities to look for in a social media expert?

1. Social media experts love data

Social analytics should be an essential part of the conversation from the start. They should be keeping an eye on how your posts are doing compared to each other and previous months. Watching for trends and acting to quickly switch strategies if anything starts to decline. When your posts are so linked to an algorithm, you need a partner who can stay ahead of the game for you. As the game changes. All. the. Time.
A good social media expert will also have an understanding and will be able to advise you on how social users are behaving when they land on your website, so a solid understanding of Google Analytics is key!

2. They talk strategy not just stories (as much as we love them)

What role is each type of post playing? What is the right approach for your brand? Have you got your social tone of voice nailed? From how you use hashtags to a mix of content that’s engaging, if you don’t have a well thought-out social media strategy, your results will be limited. Taking a bit of time at the start to review and plan campaigns will mean your feeds are on-brand and effective. Planning ahead for trending dates or key business events will help you avoid last-minute panic campaigns that will struggle to deliver.

3. They want to join it all up

Your social should never be an island. Think about your social amplification plan. From aligning with key marketing activity to targeting new customers with social advertising. You want to choose an agency that understands the power of this. One who can help work towards a common goal across disciplines. A team of experts that utilise all the added functionality these social media powerhouses now provide for businesses.

social media planning desk with post its

4. They are seriously organised

Social media managers need to be incredibly organised – it’s a critical trait to get the job done. This is because they are constantly thinking ahead, ensuring all platforms are updated, community managed, comments responded and understanding how your audiences behave across different platforms. But it doesn’t stop there. Social media managers know a trick or two when it comes to helping tools. From the best content scheduling tools or hashtag analysers, to where to get the best royalty-free images on the internet, you can rest assured a good social media manager will know exactly how to make the most of time and resources.

5. They are creative and passionate

Instagram accounts can be grown superficially in days by re-posting others content and hashtagging to oblivion. But nothing will beat the quality of a well-created (not just curated) feed. What you do offline IS important, and we believe that creating branded content is an essential part of building your social reputation. To be able to stand out from the crowd, you need to constantly come up with creative ideas to engage with your audiences, know where to get creative assets done and how you can present your posts with a professional look and feel (not because they need to look pretty, but because professional looking images generate trust). Being present, passionate and proactive will all help you grow a genuine community, not one that’s skin-deep.

So going back to our original question…. what is a social media expert? You could say they are highly-organised, creative designers, curators, copywriters, strategists, data analysts, community managers, crisis managers or brand reputation officers… all in one!

Looking for a social media manager that has the experience and skills to support your business? Get in touch with our lovely team today!

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