Grant Jennings is the man behind the concept of Creative Blend and the first point of call for clients who wish to spruce up their digital offering. Nimble-footed on the dancefloor and agile in his approach to projects, Grant isn’t one to toot his own horn. Luckily we’re here to pick his brains about work-life balance, why he chose to set up in Brighton and his passionate commitment to local charities.

What’s the inspiration behind the name, Creative Blend?

The inspiration for Creative Blend was to bring together a range of the best creatives with their own talents and skills – who share my desire to create great digital service! By bringing together our selection of ?A? players and sharing ideas, developments & approaches this has led to a blend of real creative?s, creating solutions!

Brighton is certainly a digital hub, what do you feel makes Creative Blend stand out from other agencies?

When I first started Creative Blend I wasn?t focussed on making CB an all-powerful force that would blow away any competition. It was more important for me to create a company I would?ve wanted to work for as an executive. A company our team could be proud of not only on a service level but also in terms of what the business stands for.
Because of this at the backbone of Creative Blend is a focus on our ethical agency commitments. We do this by supplying local charities that are doing fantastic & inspiring work with the help they need to tell their story. This then means more charities can help support people who really need it ? and if we can play even a small part in this we?ve succeeded in my eyes.

So in terms of standing out from the crowd maybe it’s our ethical agency commitments that make us a little different ? I?m sure most business coaches wouldn?t advise any small agency to supply free services but that?s what we?ve done since the beginning!

Summer is coming up… where will we find you at the weekend?

Hopefully on the water eating a good meal, drinking a great beer with friends & family.

Your role as Director and Project Manager must be pretty full on, do you have any tips for juggling projects and keeping a work-life balance?

Use digital tools to your advantage? Without harnessing the power of digital tools I?d be surrounded by soooo many notes! Our copywriting guru Emma has recently done a whole blog post on the best tools to use, which you can check out on our blog.

You’ve built the business up from your home to now having an office in sunny Hove – what’s next for Creative Blend?

Well I?ve never had desires to grow the business to a huge scale, having worked in businesses where the team has gone from 10 to 50 overnight something gets lost. But the business will grow soon so we?re currently looking to take on an intern from one of the local universities and also to grow the main team ? so if you know someone who could be a great fit let us know!

Finally, a tricky one… describe yourself in just three words!


If you’d like to chat to Grant about your digital needs then drop him an email on