Why video is an essential ingredient in your marketing mix

Did you know that including video content on your website landing page has the power to increase conversion by a whopping 80%? And it almost goes without saying that great videos can massively boost social media engagement rates, often by an incredible ten-fold.

You may be curious as to what makes video work so well, and our video partners Big Egg Films are here to give you a few reasons why…

What makes video so great anyway?

Where do we start?! Firstly, a good video can encapsulate your brand and message in a way that no other medium can quite manage, and in as little as 30 seconds. Not only is it perfect for introducing your business efficiently, but according to research from Insivia your audience will retain an impressive 95% of the message you’re trying to convey (compared to a measly 10% when reading it in text). 

At heart, us humans are quite simple animals, and the colourful, moving dynamics of video grabs our attention more than static images or words (we all recognise these phenomena from not being able to tear our eyes away from a screen in a public space or waiting room, regardless of what’s on). This makes video the perfect way to stop someone in their scrolling tracks and encourage them to spend time with you. Google’s machine learning loves video content too, instantly boosting your SEO and your chance of being discovered in an ever-diversifying market.

Ever said “Watch this!” to a colleague, friend or family member? That’s because video is an incredibly shareable medium, with some estimates that it generates as much as 1200% more shares than text and image combined. HubSpot found that 78% of people watch video content online on a daily basis– a portion of that 78% could be the reason you find your next client.

Video forges connections

One of the things we love about video is its innate ability to immerse the viewer in an experience and evoke an authentic emotional connection to the subject matter. Here at Big Egg Films we’ve had the privilege of making many charity fundraiser videos and time and again our charities are delighted by how much these videos bolster their campaigns. Videos are a great way to bring creator and audience together, ultimately building trust in your brand’s ability to fulfil potential clients’ needs.

Furthermore, a well-made video can set out a connected journey for your viewers. For example, a short social clip may be the first time they’ve encountered you, and if it engages them with exciting content and sufficient information, it could be the door-opener that leads them to your website, exploring more of your offer and ultimately becoming a customer. It can also be a brilliant way to strike up genuine, useful conversations and get the ball rolling on new opportunities.

Get to know your customers – and retain them

In addition to what we’ve discussed, video can also be a useful way of analysing and adjusting your offers and can help notify you of trends within your services. Reviewing the engagement rates for different clips can help answer burning questions such as “What are our clients wanting from us at the moment?” and “Which of our current offers are the best suited for our target audience?”. Even more, with 90% of customers saying a video helps them make buying decisions, it could be the final prompt they need to choose you. And those of you looking to include video on your website will be pleased to hear that research shows video increased time spent on a website by 83%.

Getting started

Whether you’re wanting to promote your brand, create an authentic connection with new audiences or find ways of analysing what your existing customers want from you, we strongly recommend considering adding video to your marketing strategies. For a fun, creative, categorically no-obligation exploration of how video could benefit you, feel free to get in touch with us at Big Egg Films by emailing info@bigeggfilms, calling us on 07757 765547 or dropping us a DM on social media @bigeggfilms. We love nothing more than chatting video and are always happy to help!

Ben Lintott, Digital Marketing and Content Co-Ordinator
Big Egg Films